Organization of the anniversary

Organization and Conduct of the anniversary in Kiev - 50, 60, 70 years...

In carrying out and organizing the anniversary in Kiev combinations and variations of festal preparation program can be vast. Jubilee - a kind of milestone, the result of a certain life span, round number.We take into account all the subtleties in the character of jubilee and wishes of the guests. Our specialists are with you every detail of the future will think over the holiday and will solve all organizational matters, whether selection of the venue and the menu, CONGRATULATION pop stars, and disco, order a cake with a picture or just a hero of the day the order of unique tracks of balloons and flowers.




Holiday services:

     selection of restaurants
     show program
     pop stars
     decoration of the hall
     Cake to order
     photo, video
     reception, banquet
     catering service in Kiev