New Year's Eve in "Chalet Grail"


Date - 31.12.12

Quantity - 60 people

Event - New Year's Eve 2013

Customer - Recreation "Chalet Grail"

New Year Night 2013

Event Company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" organized training and holding New Year's Eve in a fantastic place called "Shale Graal." We have no choice but to attract the best artists and performers. Since this complex deserves only the highest level. We have developed an individual scenario and takes into account all the wishes of management which is very well aware of the interests and tastes of its esteemed guests, vacationers. The event was for the whole night, my professional affairs - leading Alexander. He coped with the task, subtle feel of the audience. Musical group "Medorkestra" and the enchanting singer Julia kept everyone in tune with their musical talents. Well, what the New Year without miracles and magic! We thought we brought the illusionist, magician, the winner of many awards laureatnyh, the winner of "Ukraine has talent 3" Vitaly Luzkarya. Can confidently say that Acne is not easy professional in their field - he's a magician and sorcerer! Working with him brings only a pleasure, especially when you see the surprised eyes of viewers and hear the phrase, "as well as he does?") New Year's Eve was the highlight of amazingly talented and extremely beautiful singer, member of the Ukrainian Eurovision 2013 Golden Ognevich. Zlata left no one indifferent! Everyone was just in awe of her professional live vocal and artistry. Even the most diligent guests prefer early to watch the program only from their seats and could not resist and began to dance) for us is the high fees for their work.