On the eve of New Year’s to our Event-company “Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event” received a request to organize corporate New Year. Invent and develop an interesting theme of celebrating the New Year corporate party. We will be honest,  surprise than it was already very difficult, as the company already had extensive experience in conducting similar activities. Let’s see what came of it.

And so, we present you the program “Energy of the Wild West.” Since the beginning of XIX century, thousands of Americans left the more densely populated eastern U.S. and sent to the west of the Mississippi, in a totally unexplored region called the Great Plains. The residents of New England rushed to the rich furs and forest Oregon, and people from the southern states populated expanse of Texas, New Mexico and California. All of this was made public at the beginning of the event, the professional mc Alexander, who was reincarnated in gloriously famous Indian chief Redskins. As you may have guessed, the action takes place in the Wild West of the town on the prairie, on the border with Indian reservations. Advance in the invitation was given a strict dress code in country style. At the entrance visitors were welcomed by a hostess in cowboy hats with tequila on a tray. Guests were presented with fake dollars, as seed money, which they could use in the hall with visiting casinos (of Texas Hold’em Poker) and spend the participation in various competitions and prize draws. Throughout the festival hall in the background music played in the Western style and occasionally enjoy his fantastic vocal singer Julia.

Just classy performance won the audience show ballet, they not only showed a high level in the dance number “Kankan” and share our skills with everyone, had a small master class. The program itself was full of very interesting, creative competitions, such as: “The competition shooter,” “Catch a bull,” competition “Make lasso”, “Armwrestling” – competed in both men and women, “throwing tomahawks” (darts), the choice best costume among the guests, “Choice of the sheriff,” competition “wasted money”, “Shoot, steal,” poker tournament. In general there was no time to be bored! Each of those tried his hand in favor of his competition and felt that evening, real cowboy in the Wild West!)