The Neon Show

Neon show in KievNeon show in Kiev, neon show for wedding

Neon show in Kiev is a bright and completely new direction of our art. Magic trick of the light, unusual imagery and creative choreography for a long time will leave vivid impressions of what he saw in the viewer.

Program WHITE AT NIGHT (White Fur Costumes). From the darkness of the night there are fascinating figure, drawing fantastic light patterns. Yielding to clear unearthly rhythm of the music move in space transparent acrylic spheres in the hands of artists, float in the air of snow-white flags. All this creates a visual kaleidoscope, striking eyes, geometricheskh infinite number of patterns and optical illusions.

The program AVATAR (Colored UV suits). Bright, another world of fantastic avatars - the author's costumes and dynamic plastic artists tselenopravleno lead you into a psychedelic trip! Exclusive fluorescent colors, fans, the bright flags and come to life with the rhythms of the didgeridoo color patterns excite the imagination of the viewer, in this program, each sees his image - a ninja warrior, touching elves obscure cyber-creatures.

Exclusive show! 6 artists in the images of playful, lively and very bright Pink Panther will give an unforgettable experience! Real and complex dance and sihronnymi rooms, a series of exclusive LED and UV props, her acting, elements of acrobatics and humor yutlichnym will inspire someone to want a great mood!

Neon show in Kiev is perfect for your corporate parties, weddings, birthdays. More artists for you events here