Capoeira in Kiev

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Capoeira is often called the the Brazilian martial art. But in fact, exactly where it appeared - in Africa or Brazil - the exact answer does not exist.

Capoeira in Kiev

The most common version of the origin of capoeira: she was born in the legendary village of runaway slaves Quilombo dos Palmares (Quilombo dos Palmares). After their defeat by the Portuguese, capoeira has continued to grow among the slaves. It had to masquerade dance to hide the real lesson of the slave owners. This theory is often criticized as not only capoeira and dancing (and all the manifestations of African culture) are often banned and persecuted. Therefore, one mask prohibited under another phenomenon did not make sense. Below you can see photo and video materials capoeira performances in Kiev. Capoeira in Kiev suitable for any event, it is unique in its kind. You can order capoeira in Kiev on team building, wedding, corporate event, birthday,