Interactive attraction Angry Birds

Angry birds attraction in Kiev

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Attraction consists of a slingshot height of more than 2 meters fixed on a special podium, and the actual target - a special "building construction", in which the pigs are hiding insidious. Shooting is naturally angry birds; sniper task - to bring down as many pigs or significantly disrupt the structure.

Angry birds attraction in Kiev

 Slingshot is firmly attached to the podium, so the shooter is self-sufficient: gun fire support is not necessary. When using indoor amusement provided replacement of wooden blocks that make up the "Pig Fortress" on cardboard. Attraction suitable for both corporate organization in Kiev, as well as organizing kids parties in Kiev.


  • 7-8 birds
  • 20 piglets
  • incidental music
  • apparatus at 1 kW
  • animator