Hostess in Kiev

Hostess for the events in Kiev, hostess at the exhibition, for the presentations

  You're plan to organize event, corporate meeting, presentation or exhibition to be interesting? To organize the event and create a warm atmosphere for your event Event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" offers a service with Hostess for the events in Kiev. Hostesses model - a combination of intelligence, beauty, charm and friendliness. Any important event, whether it's exhibition, presentation or an important corporate event, will be held at an unattainable height, if it will work hostess girls from Event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event". Hostess will face your event at which guests will be able to determine the style of the event before visiting the grand hall. In general concept, the task is hostesses our guests at conferences and exhibitions, hotels, meeting guests in the restaurant, banquet hall. Hostesses have warmly welcomed the guest, to hold it at the table, to recommend apperitiv, keep the conversation going. Girls always have to look good, be attractive and attentive, knowledge of one or several foreign languages ​​thoroughly, if required by the concept of the event. Depending on the job duties of hostess can really vary. For a more private event be it a wedding or a birthday, such a meeting would be a caring host to his guests, and thus indicates the level of cultural celebration.

Hostess for Exhibition

  Promotion at the show - a unique opportunity to loudly declare their goods and services, not to merge among a large number of trademarks and brands. Event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" will make your participation in exhibitions and promotions noticeable and memorable. Hostess for the exhibition - a qualified staff that we will use to promote your services and products at trade shows, promotions and events.

hostes1Hostesses for the presentation

  Provide support of the presentation, the relevant experienced personnel can contact the Event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event". Our hostess for the presentation of the model, both girls and young people have a great experience at presentations at various levels. Hostess for the meeting and the company of guests to work at various conferences and are integral to the provision of services in the organization of any holiday.


Hostess for a holiday, hostess Body Art

  Hostess Body Art - one of the variants of the avant-garde art, and where the main object of art is the human body, and the content is revealed through non-verbal language: gestures, postures, drawing on the body of characters, facial expressions, "ornaments" Hostess Body Art will fill the atmosphere of any event and create a special mood!


Hostess in the Ukrainian style

   If you have a wedding soon, corporate or other event in Ukrainka style and you do not know what to fill it? Event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" prepared especially for you, Hostess in the Ukrainian style, or as the people are called "Solokha." Ideal flow into the atmosphere of Ukrainian traditions and add zest to your holiday.