Kids parties in Kiev

Organization of Kids parties in Kiev, children's events

  Employees of Event company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" Welcome to our website! The world of kids parties or children's events - special event which makes it possible to perform such desires for your kids! Dear adults, our company can organize your child's fairy-tale atmosphere. In organization of kids parties or children's events in Kiev we put a little love, kindness and professionalism. We specialize in children's parties in Kiev. Our agency offers a variety of options programs and other services provided for the filling. Events for kids or holding children's birthday in Kiev includes:

  • Work of 2 professional actors, animators
  • Bright and colorful costumes
  • Requisite of program
  • scenario


 Children's or kids parties in Kiev is a memorable day, the organization which includes: fun games and contests as you like singing and dancing, as well as prizes and gifts! In our company more than a dozen scenarios developed and original ideas.

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Organization of children's birthday, kids parties in Kiev

 We will be able to organize and conduct fun children's birthday party or any other kids party in Kiev giving your children a lot of bright and unforgettable emotions! Educational resources holidays can not be understated because the events for kids baby is formed as a creative person. Taking part in the festivities, your children will show their best qualities, will open to themselves and others their skills. And most importantly, a real event, children's birthday party in Kiev - is a source of great joy!

 As guests on child's birth will come favorite fairy cartoon characters or funny and good clowns. All programs of our event company designed for different age groups. On the day of birth, with the help of theatrical art and skill of the actors, animators, our team will organize an unforgettable fabulous show, because for us it is a source of inspiration. All organizational efforts from processing facilities, the development of the program, the sweet table and gifts we take, and you at this time you can enjoy and participate in the joy and emotions that will carry your child's holiday. The greatest reward for us - this is a happy smile and joyous laughter

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