Kids akvagrim

Kids akvagrim in Kiev




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Kids akvagrim in Kiev is a great opportunity to take a child to kid's party, both before the event and at the time, as the interest not only to those who make grim but everyone else watching, both from conventional smears and curls appear amazing images of characters and heroes tales.

Kids akvagrim in Kiev

  Girls turn into good fairies flitting butterflies, unusual Princess and the boys can be pirates, little animals, fantasy make-up of our aqua limitless. And you will see how his eyes sparkled kids and your kids will remember kid's party in Kiev

 Kids akvagrim absolutely safe paint is applied to the face and body made ​​of water-based and natural dyes. It does not clog pores, is completely safe for the skin, lays down a thin, light layer falls on the skin easily and quickly, is flexible enough so as not to dry out and crack, washed away in a matter of minutes with warm water and soap.