Decoration of premises

Decoration and design by flowers, balloons for weddings, corporate, presentation, birthday

Decoration tissue - it is a way to do the simple things of the original refined interior. Quite mundane objects of the interior are, in a festive and elegant fabulously beautiful.

Making room fabrics, decoration of the hall fabrics, drapery fabrics hall - all a good choice and good practical solution to the question: "How to make our celebration? ". Because the design of fabric is made from the usual and customary view of interior, or a piece of furniture, something new, beautiful, festive ... In terms of atmosphere, decoration fabrics - just perfect. Fabric surprisingly transforms everything, wherever it is located. Lightweight, translucent or dense and heavy, gracefully decaying soft waves from the walls, enveloping the holiday table or chairs draped soft folds, she will design your celebration truly magnificent!tkan

Decoration with flowers

Our event-company in Kiev offers services for decoration of the premises with fresh flowers to all activities. The organization's birthday, the anniversary of the Organization, the Organization of weddings, corporate events organization in Kiev - each of these cases, we will find a suitable design for everyone, depending on the occasion and the selected interior spaces.zvetu

Decoration with balloons

One of the best ways to do for you and your guests an unforgettable, wonderful and joyous holiday. Bright, cheerful, colorful, air, they will bring a good mood, and create an unforgettable experience. Balloons, light and airy, floating in the clouds, they give joy and the feeling of flying, both children and adults. Balloons of different shapes, colors and sizes can also be a great addition to a bouquet of flowers or a soft toy. And how nice and unusual to receive a gift bouquet of balloonsshariki