Corporate rest

Organization of corporate holidays in Kiev, corporate events on the nature

Event Company in Kiev "Shaleniy.Kyiv-Event» offers you the organization of corporate holidays in Kiev - is team building, extreme relaxation, corporate sports day, a country holiday. Corporate rest - is a huge scope for an unforgettable holiday of your company, which includes hiking - tournaments and competitions for your employees. Fresh air - a great mood, and being together in a new environment brings the team.

corporativnuy otdux

Corporate events on the nature in Kiev - we offer the organization of corporate events in conjunction with recreational activities - paintball, parasailing, Quest games, soccer, javelin throw, trekking or hiking tours, ballooning, sailing. Active corporate holiday can motivate employees to interact and productive teamwork. This is a perfect gift for all your employees.

For leisure travelers, we organize tours to historic sites and attractions of Ukraine and beyond.