Wedding cake, wedding loaf

 We must distinguish between the concept of "wedding cake" and "Wedding loaf", although in reality and on, and on the other guests are always delighted. In general, the history of these concepts is a little different, because the loaf - a round bread, which plays a significant role in every wedding, and the cake is just a sweet culmination of celebrations. Loaf for a wedding can be either rye bread or wheat. Any of them can be decorated with woven braids of dough.


Cakes for Kids

Just before the happy holiday, kids birthday to your favorite children always living in expectation of miracles and magic fairy gifts. Our delicious cakes for children will help you become a true magician in the day. You know very well what stories and movies like your child. So children's cakes, decorated figures sweet favorite characters will help children a real life encounter with them, not only in dreams.


Cakes for Birthaday, anniversary

 For the most solemn dates in the lives of your loved ones, we offer birthday cake, decorated the most original way. The most magnificent and solemn with the details on them round the dates customized cakes can be not only the usual round shape. Their love and appreciation you can express the celebrant, reminding him sweets happiest days of his life.