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Organization of business meetings and events in Kiev - Conference service Kyiv

Business activity is part of the daily work of most companies. Travel in Ukraine and abroad, visiting international forums, conferences and seminars, and organization of presentations - all this is present in most organizations. And often, the organizational difficulties in addressing these issues hindering the development of business, distract professionals from core tasks. The event company in Kiev "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event» offers you hassle free from non-core, shifting these difficulties on the shoulders of our professionals.

The activities of our company is to organize business meetings and events, the organization of international conferences to seminars or business meetings. Organization of conferences, forums, conferences, organization of seminars, exhibitions, organizing and making presentations - all of these activities require special attention, not only in their preparation, but also for their conduct.


Our experts - professionals with extensive experience in organizing business meetings and events in Kiev. For each customer we take the maximum care and are willing to consider all the needs of the organization and details of the conference or workshop to quickly and accurately perform unscheduled events arising in the course of the conference or seminar.

The organization of the conference, forums or the Congress, the organization of seminars or business meetings involves a large set of measures aimed at the quality of the event. This complex includes the selection of events from the venue of the conference or seminar before making portfolio Party of catering service in Kiev (Kyiv) at the event to such an important part in a seminar or conference, as the logistics of the event.

We will make every effort to ensure that your event is held at high level and without a glitch.