Barman show

Barmen show - the best choice to bright your event

Barmen show in Kiev

«Barman knows what you need, he sees it in your eyes…»

 Corporate event? Party? Wedding? Do you want that your guests will remember for a long time a significant event? Team barman show in Kiev will help you burn all the rules!

We stand for brightness ans showiness

 It is known that the guests who came to the celebration, club, restaurant or hotel, do not want to get as many quenching thirst and hunger, how to feel the atmosphere in which they would be nice and pleasant. Barman show in Kiev always blows familiar atmosphere, attracting glances at first surprised, and then delighted the audience. This is a fascinating intrigue that can liven up the familiar story of any evening, cheer up, giving rise to the soul feast. Bartenders show gives your event a certain charm and a legitimate interest, as a spectacle quite exotic and alluring.This show has no analogues on the ingenuity!


Pyramid of champagne glasses

Pyramid of champagne - the highlight of your event! Perfect solution for caterin. All visitors will not remain indifferent, the original version of the gift. For example, for your boss! As well, there are options to make a pyramid of champagne glasses colorful, bartender added to each of the glasses slightly exotic syrup.

That your pyramid looked even brighter, you can use: smoke (dry ice), backlight, additives, and the decor (fruits, berries, flowers, syrups, liqueurs, etc..), lighting effects.

Pyramid of champagne

Also, event-company "Shalenіy.Kyiv-Event" can organize the concert one of the best bartenders in the world Rodrigo & Christian Delpech - numerous champions of many festivals and tournaments throughout the world!