Awnings and podiums

Rent of banner constructions

Rent of press wall, brand wall in Kiev

Item - con008


Rent and manufacturing press wall, brand wall in Kiev on holidays or events - wedding, presentation, corporate event, prom.

Wedding Creative Club "Bartolomeo"


Item - tent001


Wedding Creative Club "Bartolomeo" - design wedding ceremony and banquet, comprehensive technical support (light, sound), floral and decor sites.

Examples of Tents


Item - tent002


Examples of Tents

Rental tent structures "Pagoda"

pagoda1Item - tent003


With its distinctive appearance, pagoda creates a classic atmosphere. You can use it as a VIP-tents for weddings, meetings, guests, activities: it is quickly assembled and disassembled, due to its unique design and technical solutions.

Rental tent structures "Multiflex"

multiItem - tent004


Tents multiflex are some of the most versatile, reliable and universally accepted, not only in Europe but also in Japan, America and Australia. This system - a kind of designer in the world of tent structures. Using standard modules can be assembled multiflex covered structures of various shapes and sizes, each such structure will not only look like a single unit, but will provide maximum protection from rain (due to the absence of special spillway chutes and their many connections).

Rental tent structures "Uniflex"


Item - tents005


Uniflex tent pavilions are designed for use as temporary structures with a span of 30 m design most widely used in the world of tent pavilions uniflex received as prefabricated pavilion for various large corporate, private and public events in the open air: presentations, exhibitions, weddings , anniversaries, as well as sports and other related activities.

Country residence (anniversary)


Item - tents006


Country residence (anniversary) - Canopy Prolyte 20x50m., 2000 m2 podium.

Kozyrnyi Picnic Party



Item - tents006


The original stage constructive Prolyte St and 1000 m2 podium.