Attraction "Rodeo on a bull" in Kiev


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If you think that in order to become a real cowboy to wear only loose trousers and cowboy hat - we have to disappoint you!

Attraction "Rodeo on a bull" in Kiev

A cowboy should be able to ride a raging bull, and oh, how it is not easy! The attraction for the closed and for open areas. Rodeo on a bull is safe, because it provides nine skrorostnyh regimes for all categories of people. Attraction "Rodeo on a bull" is perfect for the organization of team building. We have great news for you, booking a ride you have all the chance to feel like a real cowboy. Order attraction "at the Rodeo bull" in Kiev, you can call: (044) 223 92 61

Rent of "Rodeo on a Bull" is:

  • assembly, disassembly
  • work of the instructor

Additional payment transporting to the venue..

Size - 4.5 x 4 x 2.5 m
Additionally required - 220V, 1 kW of power or generatorатор