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Andrew Domanski websiteAndrew Domanski website of event company "Shaleniy.Kyiv-Event"

Andrew Domaniski a popular presenter, entertainer and face the "new" channel. Most Rated projects "new" channel simply have been impossible without Andrew Domanski. He married young in the "Wedding in 24 hours', asking provocative questions in" Only the truth ", check how smart blond beauty in the show" Who against blondes? "And" Light of the head. "Also, the irrepressible showman was the leading Ukrainian version of the game show "Intuition" and the most ambitious musical project "Star Factory". In 2002, Domanski try himself in the draft New Channel "up" with what did well. Andrew likes to show their strengths in commercial projects, is a pragmatic Ukrainian who prefer to live on the five-star standards. That's why Andrew and have to pay for such a hard life. In a recent interview with Andrew Domanski admitted that sometimes confuses corporate events with the studio. "Wedding for 24 hours," brought Andrew Domanski popularity in his career. Andrew Domanisky the professional choice for your event solution in Kiev.

On the channel "1 +1" Andrew began operations with a busy schedule of work, such work to his liking. You'll never see him tired, he is always friendly and does not look at his 36. Andrew Domanski - TV host of the "show two million."